Airlie Beach


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Did you know?

  • Captain Cook first sailed through the Whitsundays on the 4th of June 1770. Cook named the area after the day he sailed through, Whitsunday, the second Sunday of Easter.
  • The Whitsundays is the largest group of offshore islands in Australia. There are 74 Islands in the Whitsundays. Of the 74, only 8 are inhabited with resorts. The remaining 66 are completely deserted.70% of the Whitsundays is national park.
  • Even Geologists cannot be sure where the Silica sand on Whitehaven Beach comes from although there are several unproven theories. One theory even includes a sunken volcano.
  • Whitehaven Beach is classed as one of the top five beaches in the world. The fine sand particles are also great for polishing jewellery (not so great for cameras though!)
  • Heart Reef off the Whitsunday coast in the Great Barrier Reef is a natural formation of coral.
  • The Whitsundays are situated on the same latitude as Rio de Janeiro and Tahiti, and therefore the Whitsundays enjoys a tropical climate with daily temperatures varying little from month to month. The days are warm year round and evenings are sultry in summer but cooler in the winter, requiring only a light jacket or sweater.
  • The average water temperature in the Whitsundays is 26C.
  • 1135km north of Brisbane and 650km south of Cairns, between Mackay and Townsville is AIRLIE BEACH.Airlie Beach’s original name was the town of “Airlie”. It received this name in 1935 when the Proserpine town Chairman requested a name for a new subdivision on the coast. Most likely named after the Scottish Parish of Airlie.  The name ‘Airlie Beach’ was approved by Council 31 January 1987.
Map of Airlie Beach

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